Kevin Ford

Bachelor of Engineering 1978

Kevin Ford grew up in Hamilton ON, working in the steel industry before going to Lakehead, eventually becoming a formidable entrepreneur in the high-tech world.

As a college graduate in 1976, Kevin discovered that Lakehead was the only university that would give him advanced standing to enable him to complete his mechanical engineering degree in two very challenging years.

Kevin has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments. As founder and CEO, Parliant Corporation, Kevin was a two-time winner of “Best Product of the Show” at MacWorld Expo and winner of the “Best Product of the Year” from MacWorld magazine.  At that time Parliant was “four guys and a web site, over a garage”.

Michael Caughey PhD, past President of the Ontario Centre of Excellence in Toronto, had this to say: "Kevin is possessed of a brave heart, a marvelous intellect, a sound business instinct, and a positive, generous nature. Added to this he is a devoted family man.

His business accomplishments are not only numerous but also of great significance, being that the very successful companies he has built are in the field of advanced computer technology – a fiercely competitive field littered with business failures.

Kevin is widely known and highly respected in the Ottawa business community - and beyond"

When asked about his entrepreneurial success, Kevin emphasizes the importance of being well educated and motivated. “If you can’t find a job after graduation, then make one. With the Internet breaking old business barriers, there has never been a better time for Canadians to invent new products or services, in new markets, through new forms of business and change the world.”

As for the future, in addition to mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs, Kevin is looking for ways to bring jobs back home. His most recent startup, Onshoring Ventures Inc., was established to help reverse “Offshoring”, a trend of having most products manufactured overseas.

Kevin lives in Ottawa and is currently finishing a trimaran sailboat that sleeps four.

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