Goldie Award Winner 2015 - Joan Crowe

Joan Crowe (HBSc. '70) has been awarded the 2015 John Goldie Award by the Field Botanists of Ontario to recognize her significant contribution to field botany in Ontario.

Joan volunteered in the Claude Garton Herbarium. The Herbarium was built on the collections made by Claude Garton starting with his collections that began as early as 1933. In time, Joan assumed the role of Acting Curator in 1990 and held that position until 1993. During that period, she began the process of digitizing the collection and maintained high standards for the collection. She also taught some courses on "Bryophytes and Lichens", "Pteridophytes" and “Vascular Plant Identification” at the University where her students held her in high regard.

In 1993, Walter and Joan moved to Owen Sound and Joan soon became active with the Owen Sound Field Naturalists. Joan has always been a strong advocate for the environment. As an example, Joan and Walter with OSFN donated their property at Long Swamp located west of Owen Sound to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. This donation helps to preserve a large portion of this important wetland to ensure that it would remain natural and undeveloped. Joan was presented with a Lifetime Membership Award from the Owen Sound Field Naturalists in December 2006.