Proud Teacher: Ontario Heritage Award for Youth Achievement

Alumnus John MacPhail's (HBA in History 1996, BEd 1997, MA in History 2000) Grade 7 class at St. Dominic Elementary School in Oakville has been awarded The Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Youth Achievement. This award recognizes the most exceptional individuals and groups that have contributed to conserving Ontario’s cultural and/or natural heritage. 

The student's in John's class received the award for producing a book that is a collection of oral history interviews the students conducted with veterans in their community. The students compiled the stories into an oral history book, planned and held a ceremony to present the book to veterans and produced a video to document the event. The ceremony was held in Bronte Veteran's Park and involved members of the community, including local veterans, politicians, students and their families. At the ceremony, the students also unveiled a plaque commemorating VE Day to ensure that their work would have a lasting and visual impact on the community. 

More information about this year's recipients can be found at

In 2007, John was one of  six recipients of the Governor General's Award (GGA) For Excellence in Teaching Canadian History. Sponsored by Canada's National History Society, the GGA annually salutes history teachers in the classrooms of our nation who have inspired and challenged students to explore Canada's past (see more at