Connecting with alum across the pond

A playful social media conversation with alum living in the UK turned into an organized meet-up event held at what else - an English pub in London!  The small group enjoyed some camaraderie, a care package from home, and memories to last a lifetime.  

Many thanks to Alumni Association board member, Jennelle Therrien for her assistance in making it a reality, Marc Gagnon for his engaging conversations on social media, and Justin Hatt (HBSc '04) for coordinating the efforts on the ground in London.  


*NOTE*  Click on the "i" on the slides to activate the photo captions

An Alumni swag package was sent to greet our guests in the UK.Thanks to The Persian Man for helping us pack up the treats!  Did you know Purolator sends special care packages (like ours) every day?The first photo shared by our UK alum on social media on Saturday- hallelujah!  the persians made it!Our group toasting and enjoying their persiansGroup photo taken at The Sawyers Arms in London, England