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A great day for a BBQ!

The skies were bright and sunny- a perfect day for a family BBQ at Calgary's St Andrews Heights Community Hall!  Thanks to all those who came out to enjoy the weather and great company- we look forward to seeing you at our Fall event!  Stay tuned for details!


A Magical Night Aboard Empire Sandy!

Under sunny skies, over 225 Alumni gathered on the shores of Lake Ontario to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lakehead University.  Their host- Lakehead University's Greater Toronto Alumni Chapter- welcomed the crowd, who were joined by small group of new students, who are set to embark on their university journey this Fall.  For the next two hours, guests were treated to delicious food, entertainment and dancing and more importantly a chance to exchange old memories from their  days of Lakehead past.  All aboard!

*Many thanks to alum, Sean ONeill who shared many of his photos with us!

Information Reception

The Ottawa Chapter held an amazing event held for our local area alumni at the Courtyard Restaurant.  We met amazing people and had an opportunity to meet with President Stevenson and Chancellor Derek Burney, who shared details on his new book, Brave New Canada. Thank you to everyone that came out! Hope to see you at the next one!