What is a Chapter?

Officially recognized by the University as part of the Alumni Association of Lakehead University, a Chapter is an independent entity that has underlying loyalty and connection to Lakehead. The Alumni Association is there to serve their needs. There is a two-way relationship and partnership between the Alumni Association of Lakehead University and its Branches and Chapters.

How Do Chapters Serve Lakehead University and its Alumni Association?

Lakehead University Alumni Chapters serve Alumni By:

  • Providing opportunities for alumni to socialize, learn and network.
  • Helping alumni retain their connection to their alma mater by keeping them informed about major events at Lakehead and/or by simply providing the opportunity for alumni to share memories of their years at the University.
  • Organizing fun-filled events and activities for alumni to enjoy in their community.
  • Providing alumni the means to serve their alma mater in a meaningful way.

Objectives of the Chapter Program

The Alumni Association has specific objectives regarding the goals of a chapter. These range from:

  • encouraging alumni and friends to be involved in Lakehead
  • providing opportunities for social and professional networking activities among alumni and friends of the University.